A “holiday” visit by pupils from the Balkans to Bursalı Textile, Inc.

Bursa, April 25, 2017 – Bursalı Textile, Inc., exporting its textile products it has developed by applying state-of-the-art technology, to the global markets, mainly to the United States of America and the countries of the EU, with the pride of a “Turkish brand”, performs production within the scope of the total quality management understanding, and with the awareness of its both social and environmental responsibilities. On the occasion of “April 23”, it hosted a meaningful organization.Bursalı Textile, Inc. hosted pupils from the Balkans, who came to Bursa from the Serbian city of Bujanovac, and the Bosnia-Herzegovinian city of Kiseljak for the activities held on the “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day” at its production facilities located in the DOSAB Industrial Zone.These pupils, who were invited by “Nesrin-Fuat Bursalı Primary School” to come to Turkey, were hosted by Fuat Bursalı, chairman of Bursalı Textile, Inc. company’s Managing Board.

There is a bridge of hearts between the Balkans and usIn a very pleasant meeting, Fuat Bursalı, who expressed that he felt pleasure to host the pupils coming from the Balkan countries in Bursa, mentioned the importance of the Balkans for Turkey, and emphasised both the bridge of hearts between the Balkan nations and Turkey, and the strength of cultural bond between them.

Our children are the future of mankindFuat Bursalı, who underlined that Atatürk was the only leader in the world who awarded the children with a holiday, said: “Children are the future of mankind. Those leaders, who will rescue countries, and those minds of the future will emerge among our children. For this reason, we attach great importance to the children. We have schools built, as we believe that children should receive a good education, and we’re doing the best way we can to raise brilliant generations educated by good teachers. We, as Bursalı Group, are now having built our third school. Our single aim is to have children who raise well, and that they are beneficial to mankind”.

“The Bursalı Textile Company’s Drawing Contest”, a colourful contribution to April 23 holidayOn the other hand, Bursalı Textile, Inc. performed within its own facilities a meaningful organization within the scope of the April 23 holiday’s activities. During the traditional “Bursalı Textile Company’s Drawing Contest” organized for the employees’ children, it shared the children’s holiday excitement.After the award ceremony for the contest-winning drawings, the children left their handprints onto Bursalı Textile, Inc.’s handprints’ picture, shaping the Turkish flag. Then, they had great fun doing the survivor’s show-jumping course.

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