The foundations of Bursalı were laid in 1955 by Süleyman Bursalı, opening a dry goods store, achieving to bring the group to its today’s position performing successful work, continuing its way with the belief and the zeal of the very first days in business. Having been busy in the textile sector for three generations, Bursalı developed new sectors as from the beginning of the early 2000s onwards.

Bursalı which due to its successful management, today embodies companies Turkey-wide, and which has become a company that employs around over 1,000 people, today is busy – besides Textile – in the Foreign Trade, Tourism, Real Estate Development and Construction, E-Commerce sectors, respectively.

Based on both its production quality and its vision and philosophy, all Bursalı companies have adopted the aim of being in a determining position in all fields in which they are busy. They furthermore are aiming at becoming increasingly bigger and stronger, in order to increase their contributions to production, quality, export, and employment, respectively, by continuously progressing.

The principle of Süleyman Bursalı, the company’s founder, saying “The biggest legacy in life is honesty”, became the source of Bursalı' success.

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