1955 - Süleyman Bursalı established a dry goods store in Amasya’s city of Taşova, and thus laid the group’s foundations.

1974 - Due to the high appreciation by the people of his hometown, Süleyman Bursalı was elected mayor. Thus, Fuat Bursalı took over the operation of the dry goods store established by Süleyman Bursalı.

1979 - Süleyman Bursalı decided to move to Bursa, together with his wife, Emine and their four children.

1980 - Retailing began in Bursa’s Grand Bazaar. In the same year, Fuat Bursalı started the towel production on four weaving machines.

1984 - The number of stores now is six. The towel production capacity is increased.

1990 - To further increase the existing capacity, and to become an integrated facility, land to build a factory was purchased in Demirtaş neighbourhood, a part of Osmangazi district and construction was started.

1995 - Integrated towel production was started in Bursa’s Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, the Demirtaş Industrial Zone.

1997 - A high-capacity dye works was established.

2001 - New investments were realized with the aim to increase production, thus land within the DOSAB Industrial Zone was purchased, and construction started.

2002 - Investments in both real estate and construction were started.

2004 - The capacity of the integrated towel production (dyeing, weaving and confection) was increased, thus, a significant production volume was achieved, both on the domestic and the global markets.

2008 - Investments in tourism were started.

2010 - An investment in mining was started.

2011 - The investment in “Kayı Plaza” mall in Bilecik was initiated, and the plaza’s operation was started.

2012 - The construction of the investment in tourism, the “Gülümser Hatun Thermal Bath” project, was started.

2015 - The philosophy of lean production was adopted, and the Bursalı Production System was founded.

2015 - R&D activities was started.

2017 - Bursalı R&D Center became the first and unique R&D Center in the field of towel that is approved by the ministry.

2019 - Bursalı became the first and unique R&D and Design Center of Turkey's Textile Industry.

2022 - Bursalı USA Inc. was established in the United States of America.

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