Kayı Plaza

Our company realized this project in Bilecik County, together with a Bursa-based contracting company.


With the realization of the Istanbul-Sakarya-Bilecik-Eskişehir axis, one of the most intensely used highway axes of Turkey, the new by-pass road and the high-speed train system, the new pedestrian and shopping arterial road of the city is now located on a boulevard.

Besides a reduction in inter-city vehicle traffic, high increase in urban population, and increase of number of universities, the development of the industry has made new needs and functions current issues. Moreover, it is obvious that the demand for contemporary, modern buildings throughout the city will reach new dimensions. Therefore, the importance of KAYI PLAZA is getting even bigger.

With its modern architecture, spacious areas and rooms, and closed parking lots, KAYI PLAZA brings a brand-new approach to the region. Hosting your customers in your modern and spacious office will increase your company’s prestige even more. Easy transportation will facilitate your work. Your working will be better, and you will be pleased to work. Being located on Bilecik’s central axis, Kayı Plaza is a candidate to become one of the city’s symbols. Respectful to the city life, being built using an unsophisticated lateral and vertical mass design, as well as the internal streets on the shopping floors, it displays a different understanding of architecture.

With both moving stairs and elevators connecting the basement entrance and the mall’s floors from the main boulevard and near the pedestrian pass, a shopping street was intended to be created, and easy transportation and comfort are provided. Above both shopping floors, working places designed for social activities are planned. And it was intended to provide comfortable traffic flow in the Plaza, by means of a two-storey, ultramodern closed parking with ideally-sized parking lots.

Kayı Plaza has a decent structure due to the structural design reflecting the inside towards outside, instead of separating its functional areas and its facade. It was planned to reduce the height of this building, and to give the pedestrians a different perception, by means of positioning the office floors horizontally, but in a different way, and of adding a third dimension to the rooms and locations.

Stairs and elevators designed for the vertical circulation of the office floors shall allow the easy adaptation of the building not only to the currently installed mechanical and electric ducts, but also to any possible future building technologies. With the design technique allowing different size demands on the office floors, and the VIP offices on the top floors, it is thought to be a reference spot for the city, due to its panorama and its shape, together with the end lines of the building. Due to these features, Kayı Plaza will be the city’s symbol structure.

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