Energy Move by Bursalı Group!

Bursa, 30.07.2015 - Bursalı Group which was founded in 1955 by Süleyman Bursalı as a dry-goods store and servicing today in many business sectors from towel production to foreign trade, tourism to real estate development, construction to mining thanks to the successful operations since then, now focuses on energy sector.

To contribute to the development of renewable energy sources in our country and to add value to the relevant sector, Bursalı Group expects that the recent growing period of the company will pass to another phase thanks to the move to the energy sector where change and innovation are available all the time.

Bursalı Group  providing added value both to our country's economy and the global economy in every sector it works on aims to give a full support to the energy need in our country in parallel with the EU energy policies under the investments planned for the energy sector.

With the 18 million TL investment attempt on recent days Bursalı Group started to include new building and production equipments into their capacity and pays a lot attention on this green energy investment to contribute to the environmental protection by widening the renewable sources, to minimize the carbon emissions, to increase the efficiency and quality in production and to apply internationally accepted waste management systems.

"We Have an Important Responsibility with Energy Sector"

Taking the lead in all sectors it services Bursalı Group took another important responsibility by entering into the energy sector and the company cares a lot about the green energy move for the future of the company, said Aykut Bursalı the Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors at Bursalı Group of Companies.

"Our Target is to Contribute to the Sector and Employment"

Stressing that Bursalı Group employs more than 1000 people in all activity areas Mr. Bursalı told that they very proud to employ more people with the energy move stressed that "In line with the growing target of our company globally, we are aware of the importance of energy sector both for our country as well as the world's future and decided to invest in this regard. We will work on wind energy. I can say that we have other capacity increases in the sectors we work on.

Both our R&D studies and the energy constructions, one of the important sectors of future, will continue in accordance with the company's future targets and vision. Our country's future vision in this regard particularly the initiatives for energy sector have encouraged us. I hope that these investments will bring about new advantages for the future of our country".

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