Great Investment Move by Bursalı Group!

Bursa, 14.07.2015 - Bursalı Group which was founded in 1955 by Süleyman Bursalı as a dry-goods store and which services today in many business sectors from towel production to foreign trade, tourism to real estate development, construction to mining thanks to the successful operations since then, now has taken an important step which is very critical for the future of the company.

One of the leaders in its sector Bursalı Group is now getting ready to allocate 18 Million Turkish Lira for the additional facilities and new equipments to the present factories in Demirtaş Organized Zone in Bursa and planning to put importance on the R&D works with the new move.

Employing more than 1000 people in all activity areas Bursalı Group aims to increase its share to the employment rates and to provide great added value to Bursa and the country's economy thanks to the increase in the production capacities.

"I Believe Important Gains will be Available"

Bursalı Group integrating into the newly developing and changing technology, making new investments and progressing fast with process managements allocated a big share from the 18 Million TL investment amount and exhibited its care for this field.

Deputy Chairman of Bursalı Group Board of Directors Alper Bursalı stating that Bursalı has always leaded the sector with its quality and the philosophy in all sectors they are working on stressed that he whole-heartedly believes that the new investment decision will bring about new gains.

"Our Future-Oriented Investments will Continue"

Stating that they provide added value to our country with the exports to countries more than 50 including particularly USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Russia, Turkic Republics, Saudi Arabia and Dubai Mr. Bursalı indicated that they give much importance to the new investments in accordance with the global growing targets and they will have remarkable profits both in domestic and foreign market after the completion of the relevant processes.

"We focus on making a difference in every area we work. Therefore we have long-term plans. Our R&D works are closely followed in the world. Our products have a very good rank in the US market thanks to their technical specifications. In accordance with the accomplishments of Turkey in recent years, we will also continue to be a pioneer company in the world" he said.

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