Bursalı Group Family Come Together at Iftar Meal

Bursa, 07.07.2015 - Bursalı Group of Companies which was founded in 1955 by Süleyman Bursalı as a dry-goods store and servicing today in many business sectors from towel production to foreign trade, tourism to real estate development, construction to mining thanks to the successful operations since then, came together in the traditional Ramadan Iftar organization.

Organized in Şeke Kır Bahçesi and attended by almost 1500 people, the iftar meal was attended by Chairman of Board Fuat Bursalı and his wife Nesrin Bursalı, Board Members Alper Bursalı and Aykut Bursalı, 23rd Period Deputies of GNAT Ali Kul and Prof. Doktor İsmail Tatlıoğlu as well as the employees and their families in Bursalı Group.

Sword-Shield team and Aşık and Maşuk performances before the meal revived the organization and successful employees were awarded gifts and plaquets in the "Personnel of the Year" event.

Addressing a speech to the work mates and families Chairman of Board Fuat Bursalı stressed that he is happy to come together again as a big family and Bursalı Group adopted it as a principle that reciprocal sincerity, satisfaction and accomplishment come before everything.

"We will continue to globally represent our country"

Stating that Bursalı Group represents our country with accomplishments in the world thanks to the new investment areas and contributions to variety of sectors, Mr. Bursalı told that they will continue to shed light on the society with social responsibility projects as well as the economic and commercial accomplishments and congratulated the Ramadan Month of All Islam Community.

Bursalı Group employees and their families didn't forget to take a photo with Chairman Fuat Bursalı and his wife Nesrin Bursalı one by one.

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