The “first” graduation’s excitement at “Nesrin-Fuat Bursalı Primary School”

Bursa, June 11, 2015 – At “Nesrin-Fuat Bursalı Primary School” opened with the generous contribution of beneficent businessman Fuat Bursalı and his wife, Nesrin Bursalı, within the scope of the project “100 Percent Support to Education”, in Bursa’s Nilüfer district, the excitement of the pupils’ graduation at the end of 4th grade in the 4+4+4 education system was worth seeing.

Completing construction in 2012, Nesrin Bursalı supported the construction of this school paying her retirement gratuity for it, after 23 years of having been working as a teacher, and also Fuat Bursalı, chairman of Bursalı Group’s Managing Board, supported its construction. Thus, colourful moments were experienced at the “first” graduation ceremony at this school now having become an integral part of this district.

Fuat Bursalı, his wife, Nesrin Bursalı, and Aykut Bursalı, vice-chairman of Bursalı Group’s Managing Board, attended in person this graduation ceremony that began with a minute’s silence and with rendering the national anthem. Later, the pupils got great applause from the attending parents for the waltz performance made in the schoolyard.

After this performance, Fuat Bursalı came to the speaker’s desk, and addressed both the pupils and their parents. He sincerely congratulated all pupils, who have completed school with success, and thus have left behind an important step in their lives, and their supporting parents, stating that he feels great pride and pleasure having been able to witness this excitement at this school bringing forth its first graduates.

“We believe that it is necessary to wholeheartedly feel social responsibility”Bursalı stated that he understands the parents’ emotions very well. He said: “I understand you, the parents, very well, because we also have children. We, too, experienced the same excitement. My wife and I, we believe that it is necessary to attach great importance to our children, who are our future, and to wholeheartedly feel social responsibility. Every investment made towards children is the future of both our family and our country.” 

“Every graduation is the beginning of another step”After Fuat Bursalı’s speech, also Necati Bilgin, the principal, came to the speaker’s desk, and expressed their pleasure of today bidding farewell to a generation raised by them. Then, he embraced the children with parental endearment, and thanked all families for the interest and the love they show to the children.

And addressing the children, he said: “Every graduation is the beginning of another step. I always and fully trust that you will represent us, our school, and your family in the future in the best way. Caring for your health, I wish that you will be happy, straight and successful individuals, and that you adhere to both the values and the society”. Then, he congratulated all graduates.

“They learned a lot on being a human”After the principal’s speech, Engin Sağdilek, came to the speaker’s desk. He spoke in representation of the parents, and expressed their gratitude to the Bursalı family, for having made such a beautiful school an integral part of the district, and said that this night’s superheroes are the children, who have successfully completed the first step of education in their lives. Then, he congratulated all pupils, who learned a lot on knowledge, and on being a human, for their graduation.

“The pupils were awarded with certificates of achievement”After the speeches, the “Prusa Art Master Group” made its performance, whereupon the certificates of achievement were handed over to all pupils.

Handing over the certificates of achievement, Fuat Bursalı and Nesrin Bursalı congratulated the children one by one. The ceremony continued, first with the oath ceremony, and then with the graduation ceremony.

The night closed with a piano recital and a concert, where both pupils and parents had great fun.

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