Bursalı Textile, Inc. established Turkey’s first and only R&D Centre for towel production

Bursalı Textile, Inc., exporting its textile products it has developed by applying state-of-the-art technology, to the global markets, mainly to the countries of the EU, with the pride of a “Turkish brand”, performs production within the scope of the total quality management understanding, and with the awareness of its both social and environmental responsibilities. It continues to take important steps that will provide added value to both our country and the sector, within the frame of its R&D-prioritizing production model.

Due to its innovative and transformation–focused structure, Bursalı Textile, Inc. globally performed important activities, and thus succeeded in establishing Turkey’s first and only R&D Centre in the field of towel production, the field of activity in which it has come to the fore within the global competition.

Only a short while ago, Bursalı Textile, Inc. R&D Centre obtained the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and thus now bears the characteristic of being the first R&C Centre in the field of towel production, and the 22nd, 46th, and 369th within the textile sector, in Bursa, and in Turkey, respectively. 

Developing products according to the international standards

While intensifying its product and production diversity in accordance with the respective needs, Bursalı Textile, Inc., within the scope of its R&D activities, especially in the fields of weaving, ready-to-made clothing, and finishing, as well of mechanical and work safety, and of environment and technic textiles, also is successful due to its activities that are oriented towards the primary aims, such as increase of both quality and capacity, designing and developing of products in an innovative understanding and in accordance with the international standards, as well producing these products.

A company that realizes a large number of projects

Within the scope of the R&D activities, Bursalı Textile, Inc. has succeeded in bringing a large number of important projects in the field of patents and utility models into life, using to date only its capital resources.

While Bursalı Textile, Inc. company’s R&D engineers are involved in the currently performed three TÜBİTAK projects, in these development processes, especially energy saving, environment efficiency, and design are intensified.

Pride of being the first R&D Centre in towel production bearing a ministerial approval

Alper Bursalı, vice-chairman of Bursalı Textile, Inc. company’s Managing Board, stated that they have, as Bursalı Textile, Inc. company, defined, due to its corporate structures, a R&D-prioritizing production model among the primary strategies. He also said that they experienced great pride due to the fact that they have brought the first R&D Centre in the field of towel production bearing a ministerial approval into life.

Alper Bursalı said that they have performed important activities in fields such as the design and production of functional textile products, the widening of these products’ area of use, and the spreading of the areas of use, and went on as follows: “We will continue to perform our R&D activity, by means of adopting as aims those innovations that may be produced within an industrial environment, increase in efficiency, high-quality technology transfer, and nanotechnology applications, as well as environmentally friendly production. And we are aiming at continuing to provide high added value, both to our country and the sector to which we are rendering service, due to those innovative products that we will develop”.

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