Blood and stem cell donation made by Bursalı Textile, Inc. employees

Bursa, May 23, 2017 – Bursalı Textile, Inc., exporting its textile products it has developed by applying state-of-the-art technology, to the global markets, mainly to the United States of America and the countries of the EU, with the pride of a “Turkish brand”, performs production within the scope of the total quality management understanding, and with the awareness of its both social and environmental responsibilities. It took another exemplary step within the frame of its social responsibility activity.

Bursalı Textile, Inc., fully supporting the blood donation campaign initiated by the Red Crescent with its slogan: “Blood is not an urgent, but a permanent need”, organized stem cell sampling and blood donations within its own facilities.

The employees of Bursalı Textile, Inc. had great interest in this sampling and donation organization made at its production facilities in DOSAB Industrial Zone. 

During sampling and donation, Orhan Emin Latif, director of Red Crescent’s Bursa Blood Donation Centre, Mustafa Ramadan, head of the Hemovigilance Unit, and Özgür Dündar Gürel, Planning Responsible for the South Marmara Region, informed Fuat Bursalı, chairman of Bursalı Textile, Inc. company’s Managing Board, in detail about their work and activities.

All of us have to be sensitive in this concern

Stressing the necessity to have an increased social awareness on blood donation, and pointing out that any of us might be in need of blood one day, Alper Bursalı, vice-chairman of Bursalı Textile, Inc. company’s Managing Board, said: “We should never forget the fact that all people are in need one another as to blood, stem cells, and marrow transplantation. In this sense, our company, too, is aiming at making the social awareness in these concerns increase, and to do our part and to fulfil our responsibilities within the scope of the blood donation campaigns we are organizing with the Red Crescent in regular intervals. All these donations are a hope for all those patients who are struggling for their lives. Acting with this responsibility understanding, everyone needs to be sensitive concerning blood donation”.

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