Fuat Bursalı / Chairman of Board

Born in Amasya’s city of Taşova in 1955, Fuat Bursalı completed his primary, secondary, and high school education, as well as his university studies in Amasya.

Having graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Applied Vocational Studies of Amasya University, Fuat Bursalı took his first duty in business in 1974, by taking over the operation of the dry goods store established by his father, late Süleyman Bursalı, in 1955, after the latter was elected Taşova mayor.

In 1979, Fuat Bursalı moved to Bursa together with his family. Here, he acted in a large number of successful activities, and made his name resounded throughout the land, whereupon he achieved to draw an exemplary profile, both with business life and family structure, by making a point for himself of combining the understanding of putting honesty and zeal he “inherited” from his father, Süleyman Bursalı, into the fore, with his people-oriented approach.

At present, Fuat Bursalı is continuing his business life as chairman of the Managing Board of Bursalı, which is busy in many sectors such as – besides textile production – foreign trade, tourism, and real estate/construction.

Fuat Bursalı is a member to many sectoral and business associations such as the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), BUSIAD Association and the Uludağ Exporter's Association that represent the business world.

Fuat Bursalı is married, and has two sons.


Aykut Bursalı / Vice Chairman

Born in Bursa in 1981, Aykut Bursalı completed his whole pre-university studies in Bursa.

Graduated from Bilkent University’s International Relations Department, Aykut Bursalı later returned to Bursa to start into the business world.

Right after completion of his very successful university studies, Aykut Bursalı started into business life within the Bursalı, and assumed important responsibilities within the company that is busy in many sectors such as foreign trade, tourism, real estate/construction, but mainly in textile production. Thus, at present, he is continuing in his duty as vice-chairman of the company’s Managing Board.

During the last term, Aykut Bursalı was a Board member of DOSABSIAD Association. At present, he is continuing his membership.


Alper Bursalı / Vice Chairman & CEO

Born in Bursa in 1987, Alper Bursalı completed primary, secondary and high school in Bursa.

Since he is fond of the family business, and since he aimed at advancing his career in this field, he studied at the Textile Development and Marketing Department of Istanbul Technical University, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Alper Bursalı completed his education life in the USA, where he studied at the Textile Development and Marketing Department of the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After having completed his education life, Alper Bursalı immediately started into business life. Starting his occupational career within Bursalı, he assumed important responsibilities on behalf of the company, both in Turkey and abroad.

At present, Alper Bursalı is continuing in his duty as CEO of Bursalı, which is busy in important business branches such as textile production, foreign trade, tourism, real estate and construction, and actively participated in the company’s investment moves rivalling each other in importance, as these are of particular concern for the company’s future. Thus, he is working in order to ensure the sustainability of the companies.

Within Bursalı, Alper Bursalı is performing activities on two important issues on the sustainability of the companies, such as corporate business understanding and culture of institutionalisation in family-run companies. At the same time, he has also assumed responsibilities in the field of R&D and marketing.

Besides the business world, Alper Bursalı is active in social responsibility projects.


Özgür Usta / Board Member

Born in 1967 in Osmaniye, Özgür Usta graduated from the Department of Textile Engineering of Aegean University in 1988. He worked as an executive manager in the textile industry for many years.

He worked as an Executive Manager in the textile industry for many years.

Özgür Usta has pioneered many important applications in about of home textile production and he create significant several success stories about home textile modern production methods, lean manufacturing systems, software applications for home textile production and international retail brand positioning.

Mr. Usta, who was lecturing as a guest academic member in Pamukkale University Textile Department, was a board member of many civil society organizations and editorial manager for local magazines.

In addition, Mr. Usta has professional software applications which developed by own for production and cost information systems and he knows English very well.

Asya and Eren's father, USTA, enjoys reading research books and sailing.

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