Our company realized this project in Bursa, together with a Bursa-based contracting company.

ARMAKENT is located on Nilüfer district’s Yıldırım street, 50 and 250 meters to Izmir road, and to Fatih Sultan Mehmet junction, respectively. With the Armakent / Beşevler neighbourhood project, a different type building complex is intended, both as to its location on Nilüfer district’s Yıldırım street and to its system.

As main concept of the project design, here, it was acted with the conception of creating more green areas and more public living spaces.

According to this conception, the carparks were banned to the underground, leaving one parking slot each for each flat. The top of these carparks and all other areas remaining were evaluated to become planted areas, sitting areas and playing areas for children, together with the existing trees and additional landscaping to be performed.

Additionally, sports places, a fitness centre, a sauna, meeting rooms and facilities, and lounges for special activities were planned under the blocks and at the end of the carpark, all these to be used by the complex’ residents.

Security at Armakent is provided by means of a 24/7 camera system operated from the entrance control building. Besides the insulation systems against high temperature and water that are installed in all buildings, the lighting of the public areas will be made by means of solar panels. It is aimed to reduce the common expenses to a minimum, and, at the same time, to erect low-energy buildings. Utmost care was taken to have quality certificates of all natural materials used, that these are first quality and especially environmentally friendly materials. This residential complex comprises a total of 60 flats spread on its three main blocks.

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