Bursalı setting off from Bursa in 1980 with four weaving machines and six employees, today has an annual towel-producing capacity of 5,400 tons of towels, together with its import and production of 10,000 tons of cotton yarn per year. Production is made at a covered area facilities measuring 50,000 square meters.

At the production facilities of Bursalı fully integrated production is made, from raw cotton to cotton yarn, from the yarn to weaving, to the dyeing and confection.Our quality process starts with the selection of the raw cotton to be used in production, and is finalized performing both process control at every single stage of production and quality control of the final product. All towels and bathrobes bearing the Bursalı brand are made of yarns being produced at facilities rented by Bursalı.

The company aims at increasing the sales of surplus production yarns by means of trading them either as raw yarns or dyed at their own dyeing works to almost all textile producers in whole Turkey.

With its production capacity and its high quality performed at its integrated facilities using completely state-of-the-art technology and automation, Bursalı integrates the company’s vision during its towel and bathrobe production. Moreover, it makes annual investments into the future, in line with the technological developments.

Since its foundation to date, Bursalı has become one of the best towel and bathrobe producers worldwide, and it has achieved acceptance of both its brand and its quality image throughout the sector.

Bursalı exports to more than 50 countries, mainly to the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Russia, the Turkic Republics, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, as a result of which it gains important amounts of foreign exchange to our country.

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